Friday, April 13, 2018

Make a Wish

Andrew McCutchen has done a lot of work with the Make A Wish foundation over the years.

Here is an extremely touching article from 2015.

Something that I wish could happen is Topps using some of their designs and images from the Topps Bunt app to make actual cards.

This is a card that was available in 2015 only through the app.

This is the 2015 regular issue for flagship
In addition to the obvious picture change (Cutch cut his dreads before spring training 2015) another noticeable difference is Centerfield vs Outfield for the position circle.

I kind of wish Topps would put the player's primary outfield position instead of just outfield.  Do cards say infield or do they say 1B, 2B, SS, 3B?  Why should Rightfield be different than 1B?

Another thing I noticed about the Bunt app digital cards is the "relics" always match the jersey being worn by the player on the digital card.  Below are two examples.

I currently don't have the app, but always see these digital cards listed on eBay (which is where I took the images from).

Do any of you have the Topps Bunt app?  If so have you noticed inserts that look better on the app then actual cards?


  1. I messed with Topps Bunt for a few months after I got my smartphone, but eventually got fed up with how Topps was running things. I actually printed out a few Bunt cards as customs for my collection back in 2015, and there was a McCutchen among them:

    1. I remember seeing your post about them and you did a fantastic job printing them out. There's a bunch of really cool inserts that I wish got made.

  2. Never. Just can't do a digital card

  3. Never used the app. And I don't understand why anyone would buy a digital copy of a card on eBay. However... people are free to spend their money the way they want. I agree with enjoy when card companies try to match the color of the jersey swatches to the photo on the card... and use the specific outfield position as well.