Sunday, April 8, 2018

Time to get Super!

Cutch had an incredible day at the plate last night going 6 for 7 including a 12 pitch at bat in the 14th inning walk off homerun.  Cutch became the first player in history to hit 2 walk off homers in the 14th or later innings.  He previously hit one against the Cardinals in 2015.

He will certainly get the Topps Now treatment today and it will be the first licensed card of Cutch wearing a Giants uniform. 

Above is another example of taking advantage of 10% or more eBay bucks I did during the month of March. 

The 1989 set was the first set I completed.  I began with 1987 but 89 was the first one I was able to complete. 

Getting the superfractor version of the design of the 1st set I completed with my favorite player seemed like a must have. 


  1. You'll definitely be enjoying a Topps Now card today!

  2. His Topps NOW is out. Pretty sweet!

  3. That's an awesome Cutch card! Quite a day he had, leaving that slump behind for good. Can't wait to see his newest cards on your site.

  4. Beautiful card! I thought of you when I was watching the highlights this morning.

  5. Thanks everyone. I already reserved my copy of the Topps Now card