Thursday, April 26, 2018

I must be slipping in my old age...


Avengers is coming out today and to celebrate one of the most anticipated movies in comic book fandom, I have one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies to start things off as we all speculate what may happen in the movie.

To quote Brodie from Mallrats, "I must be slipping at my old age.  How the hell does something like this get by me."

Topps announced that they made an error with the back of their Series 1 Topps Bunt limited series cards.

Topps made an error AND admitted to it?
How did something like this get by me?

The cards are numbered on the front to only 25 copies.

But the backs states 100 copies.

I purchased the card with the code already scratched out.  I didn't check to see if it has already been redeemed.  This Bunt Titans card was randomly inserted in 2016 Series 1 packs.  It is the first and only copy I have seen of it's kimd.


  1. Saw the movie today. No spoilers. It was fun, but Black Panther was better.

  2. I still don't understand how Ironman got in such a big suit. He used to be normal-sized.

  3. "It is the first and only copy I have seen of it's kimd." If you made this a typo on purpose, I like the way you think. if not, then... nevermimd ;)