Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cardboard Cameos #8: We Are Family!

The Pirates had a winning culture for 3 years.

The team felt like a family.

Many of my favorite players from those years are all gone.

Only Josh Harrison and Starling Marte remain.

I wish the team was more like this image, but I am learning to root for the new guys on the team.

Guys like Colin Moran and Corey Dickerson have been impressive thus far.

I have to remember that long time Pirates were moved prior to the team winning their last championship back in 1979 too.  No one wanted to see the team give up Frank Tavares or Al Oliver, but Tim Foli and Bert Blyleven were crucial to the team in 1979.

Speaking of 1979, the above vintage Topps card is numbered 79/99.


  1. I always like these vintage backs! I've pulled a few, and always feels like a great pull.

  2. 1979 was a great year for Pittsburgh football and baseball fans.

  3. You really go next level with your Cutch collection-it's not enough for you to have a vintage parallel, it's a vintage parallel numbered to 79. Those little details make a difference. Well done.

  4. Its the details in the cards that inspire posts. With over 2100 Cutch cards it would get boring if i just said heres a card, heres a card....