Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Idiot With a Stick: Carlos Gomez

Certain players have a way of showing a lot of emotion while they are playing.  Others have moments of showmanship that elevate them to new heights.

There is just something about the way that Carlos Gomez plays the game that I absolutely hate.  I know it started when he was playing on those Brewers teams that would routinely destroy the Pirates.  I didn't hate Corey Hart or Prince Fielder though so that can't be the only reason.  I previously wrote about this fool back in December, but after his recent actions I needed to do it again.

I think a large part of it is just the "confidence" he plays with.  The way we swings so hard that he corkscrews himself into the ground, the way he overthrows a cutoff player thinking he can gun a guy down trying to advance a base, how he flips the bat on doubles, etc etc etc.  I just hate the amounty of cockiness he exhudes while not being one of the game's elite players.

This video below is probably my favorite footage of Carlos Gomez.  Losing 8 to 1 can be frustrating so why not skip with your bat while everyone looks at you.
Such a fool....

A few years later he thought he was Bo Jackson with the Houston Astros.
He's not, by the way.

A few nights ago he hit a walkoff HomeRun, his first in his 12 year career to give the Rays their 8th victory of the year and avoid their 14th loss of the year.  Yes you read that right,  it was game 21 of a 162 game season and even with the victory they are still 5 games under .500.  Did I mention that the homer raised his average to .160?  Well....yeah....it did.

If you enjoyed this segment, I may return to do more like this as I highlight IDIOTS WITH A STICK.  It will be a change of pace from the Players I Should Hate, But Can't.

Thankfully, I only have one card of Cutch with Carlos Gomez.


  1. You know, I guarantee if i ever tried to do break a bat over my knee, I would look like him in the first clip. Reminds me of my brother...once tried to storm out of the house and slam the door, but the door was automatic and slowed down and gently closed despite his best efforts. Always makes me laugh when I think about that.

  2. I actually like guys who show their emotions. Is Gomez over the top....sure, but baseball has enough no fun unwritten rule robots. I just watched a video of a college player hitting a walk off homer. He held his bat like the Olympic torch halfway down the first base line and then gave an epic bat toss. It was glorious.

  3. I could definitely see where Gomez might be considered annoying. You'd think he'd reconsider trying to crack the bat over his knee after failing twice in the first video. Ouch. That had to hurt.

    As for the walkoff. I've over celebrated myself and looked back and thought... wtf was I thinking. But sometimes the emotions get the best of you.