Friday, April 20, 2018

Chris Brings the Fire & The Most Interesting Man On Earth

Chris from the blog, The Collector saw my post about needing a few cards and hooked me up in a big way.

First up is the Most Interesting Man On Earth, Phil Kessel.

Next up, the greatest hockey player on Earth, Sidney Crosby, complete with a terrible scan.  Say what you want about Sid, but he is the best player of this generation.  The fact that he elevates his game against the Flyers makes it even better.

Finally, the cards that Chris hooked me up with from my needs list.  A pair of Andrew McCutchen 2017 cards that prior to this blind trade had eluded my collection.

Hopefully the Penguins can close out the series against the Flyers tonight.
The Amethyst parallel from Triple Threads and Green parallel from Fire.

Thanks for the Fire & Ice Chris.


  1. Crosby is the man! It was nice to see him finally play an entire season. Hope to see a Sharks/Penguins rematch this year.

  2. Fire & ice, haha. I'm definitely a fan of one of these guys. ;)

    The Full Force Blueprints aren't made for scanners I guess. Kessel is such a good sport; even at White House visits he gets zinged.