Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do The Humpty Hump...

It's Andrew McCutchen's job to make sure nothing falls.

It's my job to make sure all the Cutches fall into my collection.

All the king's men couldn't put Humpty back together again, but I was able to put together all these parallels from 2018 Donruss Diamond Kings subset so far.
(Season stat, Artist Proof, Press Proof)
(Base, Career Stat)
I have the blue Father's Day ribbon/49 along with the Gameday Stat /8 and blank back all coming my way.

I still need the retail holos, teal border /199, Gold Press Proof /99,  and Mother's Day /25.

If anyone can locate the Pink Mother's Day Ribbon /25 and it leads to me buying or trading for the card I will offer a reward!!!  I saw the jersey numbered 22/25 sell recently for under $7, but have not seen any others since and only 1 before.  I will need the pink for my annual Save The Boobies event I do in October.


  1. Good luck! Some of his last Pittsburgh Baseball Club cards!

  2. I was expecting a little Digital Underground in this post ;)