Sunday, April 22, 2018

Players I Should Hate But Can't: The Reds Mountie

Joey Votto has blossomed into one of the game's best hitters not just of this decade, but in history.

He plays for one of the Pirates oldest rivals, the Cincinnati Reds.
He has slashed a line of .320/.447/.494 good for an OPS of .951 against Pittsburgh pitching over his career.

By all accounts I should hate him.

But like other players I should hate, but can't he is just too entertaining to root against.
He could be impersonating a Canadian Mountie on Intentional Talk or having some fun with fans by denying them foul balls, smashing paper airplanes, or getting salty by fans preventing him from making outs at home games.

He has turned into a villain at road games.

While not being a jerk as a road villain, he is helping bring children happiness.
Unfortunately the young fan has passed away, but Joey has kept in touch with the family.

On the field in the batter's box is where most of us recognizes Joey's true talent as a ballplayer. A recent article writes about the injustice caused by Joey Votto never winning a Silver Slugger award.  It really is eye opening to how good Votto is, but receives no appreciation.

Below are a pair of cards I have shown on this blog before.

I wish there were more patches besides Votto in the Blue /25 version.

My only other cardboard featuring both Cutch and Votto is this triple mini blank back from the Topps Vault.
The card is an uncut version of the black border minis Max Poser (#270), Andrew McCutchen (#124) and Joey Votto (#70).  In case you're unaware of Poser, he is a legend with domino stacking.  Check him out on youtube.

Like all other blank back cards, the Topps Vault card comes with a certificate of authenticity.

To wrap things up, I will leave you with this Intentional Talk gem.

If the Avengers can't stop Thanos in the upcoming Infinity War, maybe Votto can hop on Nibbles and solve some problems.


  1. I agree. The only way I could ever dislike Votto is if he were a Red....Sox.

  2. I wish Votto were a Red Sox..not that we're struggling offensively, but at least he'd have a chance at a ring. As much as I admire his loyalty to the Reds he's got to get on a contender ASAP.

  3. Votto is the man. I love his sense of humor.