Saturday, April 21, 2018

Case hit results in the fastest click ever

I get eBay notifications for new Cutch cards every day.  I also have urges to check for new auctions a few times a day.

When I saw the acetate 2014 Stadium Club Illuminator pop up for $4 delivered Buy It Now, I couldn't click fast enough.  The Illuminator parallel is 1 per case and many have sold for $20+ when they become available. 

Despite being only 1 per case, the secondary market is extremely cheap compared to a 1 per case Throwback jersey Heritage card.  While the Heritage 1 per case cards can bring in a value of over $200+, Stadium Club parallels havent really taken off to those extremes yet.  I attribute this to many more master set builders of Heritage compared to Stadium Club.

The card looks similar to the others, but unlike the Luminous version (1 per box), the Illuminator is a see through acetate design.

The backs are radically different not just because of the card stock used, but in the actual look of the backs too.

I still need the Luminiscent parallel which falls 1 in 4 boxes.


  1. That is a real beauty! It's hard to believe that any case hit could be had for so little money. It doesn't say too much for case hits though.

  2. $4 is a great deal, especially for a case hit. Nice get!

    What case hits from Heritage are selling for $200+?

    1. The Throwback Uniforms are selling over $200 and typically have in the past. Some of the bigger names sell for $400+.

  3. Man haven't seen one of those. Very cool

  4. Just curious. How many different eBay searches do you have dedicated to Cutch?