Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Button Up! It's gonna be a Marte Partay

Last night in a night where the Pirates blew another save opportunity by giving up a run in the 9th inning, Starling Marte finally came through with a huge hit.  Marte had been batting just around .200 all season with only one homer.

In the 10th inning he hit a game winning homer to put the Pirates up 5-3.  
2014 Gypsy Queen offered the best grouping of relics from a Pirates viewpoint in recent years.

I have shown my dual button of Cutch with Adam Jones a few times over the years

I also have a really nice dual button of Francisco Liriano and Gerrit Cole.

The Cutch/Marte is fairly new to my collection, having gotten it a few months ago.  The other two I have had for a few years.


  1. Dual button relics? I'd ask what's next, but I don't think I want to know :)

  2. Two buttons! That's actually pretty cool.

  3. Wowza. Three dual button cards from the same set? You've gotta have dedication and a little luck (in the sense that people who pulled these listed them for sale) to acquire this many. Congratulations! That's amazing.

  4. They came 1:8,680 packs. There is also a Starling Marte and Pedro Alvarez dual button that I need. And the grail would be the 1/1 triple button with Marte, Alvarez, and McCutchen.