Thursday, April 11, 2019

Cutch's New Phillie Phriends

Topps Heritage is good for making box toppers combining players that often wouldn't get paired up together.

This box topper combines the National League Batting Leaders card #215 with Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons number 279
along with 2015 Rookie Pitchers Hector Neris and Chris Heston number 401.

Gibbons retired.
Morneau retired.
Harrison left for Detroit.
Heston hasn't appeared in the majors since 2017.

Hector Neris is now Cutch's teammate on Philadelphia and like the rest of the Phillies bullpen was struggling early in the year.  He hadn't allowed an earned run in four straight outings since a miserable March when he gave up 4 ER in 3 outings.


  1. Yeah... never understood the rhyme or reason behind the combination of those Heritage box toppers. I have a few... and have never been able to find a connection between all 3 cards.