Friday, April 12, 2019

Pair of Low Numbered Giants Cards

It doesn't get much lower numbered than a 1/1 and a red /5.

It also doesn't get much lower for the expectations of the Giants for the 2019 season.   With a 5-9 record to start the season and a dismal farm system, along with some expiring contracts at season's end it looks like the Giants will be forced to go into rebuild mode by midsummer.


  1. Nice pickups! Where do you find most of your 1/1s? Do they hit eBay, or do people seek you out?

    1. Most eBay or COMC but I have a handful of people that seek me out.

  2. Not surprised by the Giants W/L record... but I've been blown away by a bunch of other teams. It's early though.

  3. I'm shocked that the Red Sox are starting 2019 with the same record as the Giants. Nice low-numbered pickups.