Thursday, April 4, 2019

Boomo Delivers a Super Rare Auto

2019 Inception just came out about two weeks ago and I joined a couple of player breaks and team breaks.  Boomo99 has provided me with entertaining group breaks in the past.

He delivered for me again, hitting an on card autograph numbered to only 20 copies.  He pulled this from the first case of a 4 case player break which was 11 minutes into the break.
I joined a few other group breaks held by other breakers for the Pirates because I wanted to get some Nick Burdi autographs.  Unfortunately I didn't get any huge hits, netting just a pair of Kevin Newman green parallels and a single each for Newman, Kramer, and Burdi base.


  1. That's a sweet Cutch card. Great looking autograph.

    1. He has one of the better autographs in the game.

  2. Congratulations on your very successful group break!

  3. Nice. Congratulations on landing that beautiful on-card autograph. I like how Topps chose a Pirates photo, instead of a Yankees one.