Monday, April 8, 2019

Cutch's Curse on Rex Manning Day

If you grew up in the 90s you likely watched the movie Empire Records a half dozen times.  I know for me it was one of my favorite most influential movies in my teenage life. For the longest time I wanted to work in a record store like that. Kids today will never understand how awesome it was at record stores.
The movie focuses on a bunch of young adults working at a record store that is being bought out by a major franchise on Rex Manning Day.

Rex Manning Day is celebrated as April 8th in the movie.  Many of those involved in the production of the movie say that the date was chosen because of the passing of legendary 90s star, Kurt Cobain.  Rex Manning's music is significantly different compared to the great grunge rock star.

The super sexy 90s star Liv Tyler throws herself at her childhood crush pop icon Rex Manning.
It was a very awkward scene and made many of us viewers not appreciate Rex Manning.

Many people likely remember Cutch's epic walk off homer against the Dodgers last year on April 7th 2018 (I talked about it yesterday).  Cutch is usually a slow starter each season, so how does he do on Rex Manning Day, which falls within the first 10 games of the season?

Well, Cutch hasn't fared too well on Rex Manning Day.
Prior to 2009 - hadn't made MLB debut yet
2010 - 0 for 4
2011 - 0 for 5
2012 - 3 for 4, run, rbi, walk
2013 - 1 for 1 (pinched hit)
2014 - 2 for 3, run, rbi, 2walks
2015 - 0 for 5, walk, run
2016 - 0 for 4, walk, 2 runs
2017 - 0 for 3, walk
2018 - 0 for 4

Overall that puts Cutch at 6 for 33. That is only a .182 batting average.

His on base and ability to draw walks is slightly better with a 12 for 37 performance at the plate.  That equates to .324 OBP.

I don't think Cutch appreciated Rex Manning Day either.

Rex Manning was played by actor Maxwell Caulfield who was born in 1959.

Last year Cutch got the Archives treatment using the 1959 design.  I have picked up both the base version and the signature omission variant among many different parallels.

"Say No More, Mon Amour"


  1. Not sure how I missed a record store movie from the 90's... but it looks like Netflix has it. Time has been tight as of late... but I'm gonna add this to my list and watch it in a few weeks.

  2. "Not the WHOLE couch."

    That was a great movie.

  3. "What's with TODAY, today?"

    I bought it on Blu Ray a few months ago because my DVD was getting too scratched to watch. I thought every role in that movie was perfect, I couldn't imagine anybody else playing those roles. While I liked Liv Tyler, I had more of a thing for Debi Mazar and Robin Tunney.

    1. Robin Tunney with her head shaved is hot as hell

  4. The soundtrack to this picture was pretty big way back when too. Very cool post btw!