Tuesday, April 9, 2019

SCC Delivers a PWE

First of all Cutch had another disappointing day at the plate on Rex Manning Day.  He went 0 for 4 with three punchouts. His lone plate appearance where he put the ball in play was a first pitch groundout in the first inning.  

That lowered Cutch's career performance to 6 for 37 on Rex Manning Day.  Good thing April 8th 2020 is a year away before he has to worry about it again.

I received an unexpected PWE in the mail last week containing 4 Cutch cards (3 of which were new) along with a pair of Gerrit Cole cards needed for my PC.  

Above is the six cards sent
The Optic McCutchen Diamond King is the Prizm parallel.  It is Panini's version of the Refractor.
Gold numbered to 2018 copies.

Thanks for the cards Matt.  Go check out Parts Of My Past, formerly known as Sports Card Collectors.

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  1. Glad you needed so many and thanks for the blog shout!