Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Wanna hear something great?

No I didn't save a bunch of money switching to Geico.

I have an announcement to make about who won my contest for the Yaz Green Monster relic I offered up on St. Patrick's Day.

9 people joined.

I listed them on random.org based on how they left comments with posts to their blogs.
As promised I said I would hit random 3 times.
GCRL was on top after the 1st click...
Fuji was on top after the 2nd click...
And Matt was back on top after the 3rd click.

Congrats to Matt for winning the Yaz Green Monster relic and thank you all for participating.  I enjoyed reading all your entries.

Send me an email at bstryker81@gmail.com and I will send you a consolation prize for participating after I receive your email. 


  1. Thanks for holding the contest. I had a ton of fun taking part.

  2. This contest didn't really apply to me, but I did enjoy reading everyone's posts.

    1. I will have another contest coming up soon that can apply to everyone who likes Hall of Fame autographs.

  3. Thanks for the contest! And congratulations Matt!

  4. Holy crap, I won? Whoo-hoo! Thanks for running the contest! It was a lot of fun!