Wednesday, April 3, 2019

From Zoltan to Zoltar or How I Scored a Yankees Autograph of Cutch

In 2012, the Pittsburgh Pirates used a hand gesture called "the Zoltan" made famous in the movie Dude Where's My Car?

I even remember doing the Zoltan symbol with my brother and his groomsmen at his wedding in 2013.
I've shown off a few of my Zoltan cards with Cutch on them before.  The card pictured above is a 2014 SSP photo variant autograph numbered 4/5.  The image is from the 2013 Postseason Game 3 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.
I also have this booklet of Marte and Cutch that I got from Matt at BobWalkThePlank as part of our epic trade a few summers ago.
It is also numbered to only 5 copies.

Five Years after the last Zoltan style card of Cutch got produced, I picked up a Zoltar inspired card of Cutch.

What's that you say?

You don't know Zoltar????!!!

Zoltar is a mechanized prophet you can find at boardwalks across America.

It was made famous in the movie Big.
Tom Hanks had a big role in the movie (pun intended)
Zoltar machines are known for telling fortunes for a small fee.
Not to be outdone, Andrew McCutchen is a fortune teller of sorts too.

Well at least according to this 2019 Gypsy Queen Fortune Teller mini on card autograph.

It's my first autograph of Cutch in a Yankees uniform (it won't be my last though).  I purchased it from someone who is a Brewers fan and has a Ryan Braun collection that could rival my Cutch collection if he ever put it online.  He also included a 2015 Heritage Refractor as a bonus, just because he loves the hobby and appreciates a fellow player collector.

Production on this Fortune Teller was limited to ONLY 20 copies of this card.


  1. Never heard of the Zoltan symbol, but I immediately thought of Big when I read Zoltar in the title. Congratulations on picking up the on-card Cutch autograph.

  2. I had forgotten that the Pirates used that symbol as a rallying cry. It reminds me of the Cubs and the "rubbing of the helmet" thing they did a few years ago. Anyway, I just have to say, as nice as that GQ card is, that segue was downright masterful!

    1. Thanks. I wish the Pirates had a unique rally gesture like that again. It's been kind of stale over the past few years.

  3. The base GQ design has gone to the dogs, but some of those inserts are really nice.

    Hey CC, shoot me your address. I finally found something else to go with that Salute card I've been holding on to for you. QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  4. I didn't even know that Fortune Teller autographs exist. That card is awesome.