Thursday, April 18, 2019

National High Five Day

Did you know there was a day dedicated to the art of high fiving?

Me neither.
While it doesn't get the Hallmark treatment of other nationally celebrated days, it is a tradition baseball fans should all celebrate.

During the summer of 1977 Dodgers slugger Dusty Baker celebrated with his teammate Glenn Burke after crushing a homerun.

Today many players have done away with the traditional high five for more show worthy celebrations.
Bryce Harper actually has a different celebration for each of his Phillies teammates.  Harper's celebration with Cutch is much different than this high five he gave him at the 2015 All-Star Game.

Hopefully Topps can release a high end card of Cutch and Harper celebrating post Home run.

I need something to take the place of this 2011 Diamond 1/1 celebration of Cutch, Ryan Doumit, and Garrett Jones.
The card is awesome, but man 2010 was terrible year for the Pirates.  Need proof? Look at the back.

105 losses!!!!
The pitcher with the most strikeouts was Paul Maholm with 102 punchouts.
I'm surprised there was anything worthy of celebration that year.


  1. High fiving in sports is still an art form in some respects, but in the larger world, it's been run into the ground. Just watch any episode of Family Feud (or any other group game show). Way too much bad high fiving, including old ladies and people that don't know how.

  2. The diamond card is so awesome. High five for that!

  3. Thank goodness for Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker!