Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Community Involvement

This week my company is working together with the local townships we serve and helping to clean the roads and surrounding areas.  It is part of our Green Team initiative where we use the value of sustainability to ensure the Earth is still around for future generations.  We also will be doing a massive Partners in Caring event where we hope to raise nearly $20,000 for the local food pantries.

Cutch has always been an active member of the communities he lives in.  Back in 2010 Pepsi had a Pepsi Refresh promotion and Cutch tried to make an area in Pittsburgh that could be used to provide healthy farm raised goods right in the city to the community for free. He has partnered up with Make A Wish on MANY MANY occasions as well. Immediately upon being traded to San Francisco, Cutch wanted to join the late Willie McCovey's Stretch Drive to provide baseball equipment to financially struggling families. 

I have a button of the charity promoting the bobblehead that was given to patrons who contributed at least $50 in a donation.