Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Gallery Update

First, let's talk about that homerun that Andrew McCutchen hit in spring training versus the Pirates yesterday. Small sample size, (2 for 7 with two walks) but a 1.159 OPS would be a pretty good line for the year if he were to keep up that pace over the season.

I have always enjoyed art and baseball cards.  Baseball cards were my first hobby and comic books (and art) were my second.  

Whenever there is an art based set, I like to look at my favorite players to see who they were drawn by and how well they were drawn.

Andrew McCutchen had been a subject of Topps Gallery since it was revitalized in 2017.  

My favorite drawn card of Cutch came in 2019 Topps Gallery.  It was drawn by Carlos Cabaleiro, who I was able to interview back in 2017 here.

I also got the original piece of artwork for this card's production which can be viewed here.

Among all the different parallels to collect from the set, there was also an extremely limited print run certified autograph card.
They aren't numbered, but I have seen less than five offered for sale on secondary market places (eBay, COMC, sportlots, Facebook, Twitter)

Do you check the artist on Topps Gallery products? 

Who are some of your favorite Topps artists?


  1. I don’t! I appreciate the art but definitely never think to look who the artist is.

  2. I think the only sports artists I know by name is Dick Perez, Brian Kong, Monty Sheldon, Ermsy, and Sophia Chang. Not sure if any have done any work on Topps Gallery or not.