Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Another sTEAL

Yesterday I posted about getting a card that was a steal of a price.  A $1 purchase with $4 s&h for a prime patch 2021 Diamond Kings card numbered to only 5 copies.  

Well my friends, I have gotten a few cards over the past month that have been extremely affordable that are helping to fill holes in the Cutch PC.

This 2018 Donruss Retro 1984 teal card is limited to a healthy 199 copies, but I never pulled the trigger to add it to my collection.

Oddly enough I have 3 (yes THREE!!!!) copies of the pink Mother's Day Breast Cancer ribbon parallel that are limited to only 25 copies. 

That math just doesn't make sense
But....what does make sense?

Snagging another card I need for under $3 shipped.
$3 back in 1984 could buy a lot more than now, that's for sure.  

A pack of 1984 Donruss Baseball at release would have cost only 30 cents.  By today's inflation that would equal 77 cents of buying power. 
A price of a blaster box containing 6 packs of 2021 Prizm basketball sold for $150 on eBay recently.  That's $25 a pack....for 4 cards!!!!

This math just isn't adding up!!!

Where's another meme of bad math?
Good ol' Albert.

What are some of your favorite TV shows or movies based on school? 


  1. Hmm, based on school. I would say Saved by the Bell and Friday Night Lights.

  2. My favorite math meme is the "find X" because I hated Algebra.

    The resale markups are insane. Some blasters weren't even a great value at $20, but it was still better than the hobby box prices. And I have experienced the parallel oddity with my PC. I guess the lower #d ones are easier to find because they're rare enough for the seller to bother listing them.

  3. Freaks and Geeks and Pen15. Community is pretty good too. And although I haven't watched it in year (and I'm embarrassed to leave this digital footprint)... I feel like I have to write down Beverly Hills 90210. There was a time when my group of friends would watch this together on a weekly basis.

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  6. Freaks and Geeks is easily my favorite show that's based on school. I still wish there were new episodes of that show to watch.