Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Buck buck buck

It's been a long time since I showed off a chicken themed post.  I got another amazing card for what the chicken says (only a) "buck"

The card you see below was won for only $1.
A single buck!
With shipping, it cost only $5.
5 bucks!!!!

For a card limited to only 5 copies???!!!
Granted it's Panini so it's not officially licensed with team logos, but the image used makes it difficult to even realize it's missing the Phillies logo on the helmet.

Did I mention it was limited to only 5 copies and is numbered 5/5?
Um, yes please!!!
The Pirates jersey patch pictured with McCutchen is guaranteed to be game used, which you don't see often with Panini's football releases.  

Have you picked up any card card steal of a deal lately? If so, what have you gotten?


  1. That's an awesome card. I hate paying $1 + $4 shipping, although I guess if it was $5 with free shipping it would still feel like a steal.

    I don't know that it qualified as a steal, but I got a Tino 2000 Stadium Club Chrome for $.99 + $.99 shipping. Maybe not a steal, but I don't recall seeing this card any time recently, so was an easy one for me to snag at that price.

    1. I agree about $1 plus $4 s+h, but I would rather pay $4 shipping for a patch card numbered to 5 than have it shipped PWE.

  2. man i wish i would find a garvey /5 for a buck. i did recently get a hof autograph for $4.99 that will blow your mind - i have a post in the works.

  3. That is a great card, and a great price. The card is not affected with no logos. Congrats.

  4. Nice nice card. For a dollar! that's crazy. I wish the card colors matched the jersey swatch. I haven't gotten anything of late, I don't think, that's steal like this.

  5. Nice pickup. Haven't been buying much lately, so no crazy deals for me lately. I have made a few purchases from the online dime box though... which I guess counts as deals since they were only 10¢ each.

  6. Awesome find. Love that patch piece, and you can't beat that price anywhere!