Friday, May 7, 2021

A post that is a day late and the last card Mays offend some people

Happy (belated) 90th Birthday Willie Mays!

Willie May will forever be one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game.

Above is an unlicensed card from Hits Memorabilia featuring three of the top 25 centerfielders to ever play the game (at keast according to a 2018 poll where Mays was ranked 1st, Griffey 3rd, and McCutchen 22nd)
It is my only Willie Mays relic and was worn at an old timers game for the Mets.

I also have this 2015 Topps Heritage New Age Performers card that features a sweet image of Cutch on the front
and a nice writeup about Willie Mays on the back
Its hard to believe that it was only 6 years ago that Cutch was leading the league with a .952 OPS.  It feels like forever.

My favorite Willie Mays card in my collection is a NL Leaders card that features 3 All Time Greats
I wrote about it on Chasing3000 way back in 2018.
⚾🎂 ⚾ 🎂 ⚾
With it being Willie Mays birthday yesterday, Topps used that opportunity to showcase the newest Alex Pardee Project 70 card and it features none other than Willie Mays.

The odd thing is that he is featured as a werewolf.
Does anyone understand this?  I have never seen an image of Mays with any facial hair, let alone werewolf status.  

I understand that Pardee really dives into his love of comic books for his art, but if he wanted to make a werewolf for the project why not use someone like Bryce Harper or even Brian Wilson?  Both those guys are known to have some pretty intense facial hair.

I did buy the Pardee Mays card because I am collecting the Pardee and Jamieson artist sets to get the posters.  

Have you bought any Project 70 cards?

What is your favorite Willie Mays card in your collection?


  1. I have not bought any project 70. Although I don't get the werewolf thing, it is still a great looking card.

  2. If it didn't say Willie Mays on the front, you'd have a hard time convincing me that Project 70 card is suppose to be him. Awesome artwork, no doubt, but not exactly doing a service to Mays.

  3. I got the Kaline. Probably the only Tigers player that'll be in the set.

  4. Don't own any Project 70 cards yet... but there's a Dock Ellis card I recently saw on someone's blog that I'd like to eventually add to my collection.

  5. Topps 70 is atrocious, heinous, etc. God awful crap! (I don't have a very strong opinion on it.) Now, that Cutch New Age card is sweet. More of that, less of senseless Werewolf Mays cards!