Monday, May 10, 2021

A Top 10 List pt1

As I continue to spend time with the in laws for a few months while preparing for our new place to call home, I thought it would be fun to show off some Top 10 items I want to add to my Cutch cave once it's complete.  I am going to break this up into 10 parts, highlighting one item every 10 days or so.  

Up first, I want to add some nice art or photos for the walls.  I already have something big lined up and it should be completed in two weeks or less.  It is going to be AMAZING!!!!  Once it's complete, I'll be sure to show it off.

I have already shown off some 16x20 photos I got done at a private signing last year and they will be going on the walls once framed and the new place is ready to settle into.
I hope that one day the world will get back to normal and I can attend a live event where I can get JT Realmuto to sign this photo also.
All of the above 16x20s will look great once framed and hanging on the walls.

What I really really want though is to add unique items to the walls.  I am looking for old pennants, banners, posters, fat heads, and especially marketing items.  I have a Nike sign that features Cutch and would love to add some other items from Nike, Marucci, Mizuno, Lids, Pepsi, or any other items that Cutch has helped to endorse or market.

My ultimate wish list item is a 2013 MLB The Show video game display.  
So item #1 for my Cutch wish list is something big to hang on the walls...

Join me sometime in the next 10 days for what item #2 is on the wish list


  1. Do you have a dedicated space in the new place for the Cutch Cave?

  2. Best of luck in tracking down one of those 2013 MLB The Show video game displays. Can't wait to see the other 9 items on your wish list.

  3. That man cave of yours will be epic!