Sunday, May 2, 2021


You may recall that I ran a contest and had a blog post with this exact title just over two years ago

Well after watching the 2021 Mortal Kombat film on HBO Max last night, it's time to bring back the Flawless Victory!!!
Here are some of my favorite Panini Flawless cards in my collection

Team USA is represented from Cutch's 18U days.  These Flawless cards feature either on card signatures or actual gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire) inside.
Another pair of on card signatures, both limited to under 10 copies
A nice patch and on card autograph from his Pirates days
How about that sleeve patch of the Jolly Roger?!!!!
And these team up????
Starling and Cutch made for one of the best offensive/defensive outfields in baseball from 2012-2015.

No spoilers on the movie here, but the fact it was an R rated film really made this Mortal Kombat movie 10x better than the others.  I loved the introduction of so many familar Mortal Kombat faces.  

The battle of Scorpion and Sub Zero is epic.

Sonya Blade is a badass and hot!!!

Kano is a d**kbag just as you would expect.

The whole movie was great. It was a perfect video game movie.  There, I said it!

Did you ever play Mortal Kombat?  What were some of your favorite characters to play as?


  1. I definitely played Mortal Kombat before... and I'm pretty sure I owned it on the Genesis, SNES, or both. But I've never been a big fighting game guy. Street Fighter is really the only fighting game that stands out to me.

  2. I played it and enjoyed watching an older cousin play it, as well. I'm going to have to watch the movie at some point.

  3. I must've played it but I don't really remember. That was starting just when video games were something I was losing interest in.