Friday, May 28, 2021

National Road Trip Day (this is a fun ride and read)

You may not be aware, but today is National Road Trip Day.

I thought it would be fun to see if I can find cards of Cutch in various stadiums.

We begin with the best ballpark in Baseball, PNC Park in Pittsburgh
PNC Park is my personal zen zone.  Everytime I go there and take in the sights, sounds, and memories, I immediately feel like all my worries and real life drama is gone (even with the way the Pirates are currently playing).
On our way east we make a brief stop in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  It's not a long stay, just brief enough for a cameo.
Heading into Philadelphia we have Cutch making a catch in front of the NovaCare sign in left field of Citizen's Bank Park
But then he slid into centerfield for a few games in 2019 (before his season ending injury) to make this catch in front of the W.B. Mason sign
And of course no visit to Philadelphia would be complete without showing off Cutch in the dugout getting his swag on.

Heading up to the Big Apple
The large Verizon logo in the background and road memorial day uniforms makes me know that this image was taken at Citi Field in 2014.
Cutch was presented with the Roberto Clemente Award just before Game 3 of the 2015 World Series held in New York.
And of course he participated in the 2013 MLB All Star Game at Citifield.
Switching to the Bronx we see Cutch just briefly appear in a New York Yankees uniform.
And now we are shipping up to Boston where we see Cutch celebrate with teammates at Fenway Park for their 100 Win season in 2018

From there we are heading west...
And go to Cincinnati
where Cutch homered in the 2015 All Star Game.

Now we are going to another division rival by heading to St. Louis
I hate seeing all that red worn by the fans, even if it is July 4th 2016.

Next stop, Kansas City
Cutch participated in the 2012 Home Run Derby and also coming in as a pinch runner for Carlos Beltran.  He stole second base then got out in his only plate appearance of the night. 

Sticking with an AL Central theme, we are heading north we go to Minnesota
Cutch started in centerfield for the National League at the 2014 All Star Game.  He singled, then stole second base to lead off the game.

Next up on our random road trip we head to Milwaukee where Cutch hit his 200th career homerun
It's a shame we can't see Front Row Amy in this pic.

Getting Back on track with the NL Central, we go to the Windy City, Chicago
As a long time rival of the Cubs, Cutch likes to do his best Sammy Sosa impersonation while trolling the Chicago faithful

When I think of Wrigley Field, the first thing I think about is the ivy in the outfield.  The second is the brick background behind home plate.  It's timeless!!!
Moving from the Windy City to Motor City we have Cutch relaxing in Detroit as evidenced by the road pants and Tigers base.
We head southwest to Arizona where we can see Kirk Gibson making a cameo in the dugout
Next up is Colorado where Cutch goes on to hit 3HR at Coors Field in a game and get the Topps Now treatment

He would repeat the feat a year later in San Diego

Of course Cutch became a MLB commercial when he gave out some batting gloves to Pirates fans in San Diego 
Always Classy, Always Cutch!

Heading to Los Angeles we have a base from the 2017 World Baseball Classic Champions Team USA featuring Christian Yelich and Andrew McCutchen celebrating their victory over Team Japan.  Cutch drove in the first run of the 2-1 victory.  
Dodgers stadium is a nice location with the yellow seats 

Next stop San Francisco where Cutch delivers an epic 3 run 14th inning walk off homer to defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers

We finish the road trip west in Oakland
This is a fairly obvious one as it shows the Athletics logo as part of the dugout.  This is the 2017 Topps SP photo variant.

Time to go back East!!!

We had to hop a plane to Miami
Then headed north to Atlanta where we celebrate the Pirates clinching the 2014 playoffs with this bottle of Fre champagne, signed by Cutch

On our way back north we stop at the Nation's capital.  I can only assume this is at Washington DC based on the limited teams the Phillies faced in 2020.  Only the Nats have red helmets (besides the Phillies) of the NL and AL East opponents they faced.

We wrap things up by returning to Pittsburgh
I love Pittsburgh

Have you ever looked at a player's cards to determine what city they were playing in on the card?  

If you want to confirm your guesses of the road towns, I suggest using Gettyimages.


  1. This is one of the coolest posts I've seen. Awesome work!

  2. i always look at cards this way as i have a "cards featuring dodger stadium in the background" mini-collection and am always on the look out for new additions.

  3. Great post. I was wondering if there was going to be a card of Cutch in Oakland. I'm always on the lookout for cards featuring players at the Oakland Coliseum or Candlestick Park, because those were the two stadiums I essentially grew up in.