Thursday, May 20, 2021

A Top 10 List Part 2: Rookie Year cards

I promised that every 10th day or so, I would reveal one of ten categories I want to add to my Cutch collection.  These 10 posts will become a map for where I want my collection to go and help keep the collection focused.  
Over the years I have had a Pokemon "gotta catch em all" type mentality when it came to my Andrew McCutchen collection.
With the current baseball card market and Cutch not playing for my favorite team anymore, I am now looking towards the past to focus on the future of the collection.
Today, I am going to have this post focus on the "rookie year" Cutch.

He made his MLB debut in 2009.

I showed off a 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic silver foil card limited to only 59 copies recently and it is one of my favorite pickups of the year.  I love that it is a rare rookie card of my favorite athlete and would love to grab some more rare rookie cards of Cutch.  
The majority of Cutch rookie debut cards I need are mostly limited to serial number cards /50 or less with the majority being 1/1s.  

Something about having those rare rookie year cards brings great joy to my collection.
Like the above 2009 Bowman Chrome Superfractor or the Orange /25
or the Logoman from the 2008 Futures Game Jersey found on the below 2009 Topps Unique 1/1
Here is a list of cards I need 

2009 Bowman Chrome #178
/50 Gold
/5 Red
1/1 Printing Plates: Cyan, Magenta, Black, Yellow

2009 Bowman Sterling #BS-AM
1/1 Printing Plates: Cyan, Magenta, Black
Need the base, have all color parallels

2009 Topps T206 #10
1/1 printing plates: cyan, magenta, black, yellow

2009 Topps T206 Mini #10
/99 Cycle Back
1/1 printing plates: cyan, magenta, black, yellow
1/1 Carolina Brights Back
2009 Topps Update
1/1 printing plates: black, cyan, yellow
1/1 platinum
Target Throwback Logo and back

2009 Topps Unique #196
1/1 unique

2009 Topps Unique Uniform #UU04
/25 Gold
1/1 Platinum

2009 Topps Chrome #213
1/1 printing plates: cyan, magenta, black, yellow

2009 Tristar Projections #74
/50 Green
/25 Yellow
/5 Orange
1/1 Purple

2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic #132
/19 Titanium

So there's a list of my 2009 McCutchen needs
Cutch was such a breath of fresh air for a team that was on the verge of two decades of losing records