Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Top 10 List: Gamers

I have been laying out a few maps and plans on where I want my collection to go and how I want it to grow in the next few year's regarding my Andrew McCutchen collection.  
You can see the other 2 categories of items I want to add to my collection by clicking on the below links

(I actually got a custom piece of artwork for the wall paying homage of Cutch's career thus far to an old issue of Amazing Spider-Man)

I will use these maps and goals to help stay focused and to stay away from the 
Gotta Catch Em All Pokemon mentality

The collection has grown to epic proportions in the past decade and I am extremely proud of what I have accumulated.  

While I have so many unique cards (over 3,000) and items (lineup card from 1st HR, actual dreadlock cut for charity) there is one thing I am greatly missing in my collection.

A Game Used Jersey

Sure, I have a bunch of my jerseys and I even own a Nike Phillies jersey that Cutch personalized and signed for me, but I don't own a jersey that he wore in a game.

But I want a jersey

I had an opportunity last year to get a Yankees pinstripe jersey, but passed on it because I instead opted to get a few more high end cards.  Looking back I wish I had the taken that plunge and grabbed the Yankees jersey as there aren't that many and it is such an iconic uniform.

If I had to rank them by team order, here is the list
2-Any Event Game Used (Team USA World Baseball Classic, All-Star Game, etc)

What items are on your hobby wish list?
Do you own any game used items?


  1. Outside of game used card cards, I don’t have much that’s game used. I do have a Ty Hensley Rays jersey, but not sure if it is game used.

  2. No game used items. I'm chasing some autos of players that top my collecting and sports fandom. Fun post.

  3. I have a few game-used hockey sticks... and a batting practice ball thrown to me by Tommy Milone.

    I've thought about buying a game-used bat when the SJ Giants have their end of the season sales... but haven't yet. Maybe one day. I'd love to own a Kurt Suzuki game-worn A's jersey... but that's probably never going to happen.