Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Who is this Anrew guy?

Andrew McCutchen

It's not that tough to spell

I got my Topps Road to Opening Day Phillies team set in the mail yesterday and was shocked that Topps did it again.

They spelled Cutch's name without the d in Andrew.

Shouldn't there be a spell check or something?

This isn't the first time that Topps has done this either.

Last year they messed up what would have been an amazing card featuring three of the best Pirates of All Time

In addition to being disappointed that my favorite athlete's name was spelled wrong AGAIN in a Topps product, I was upset to find out that Topps sent the package to my old apartment.  Fortunately I was alerted to it and grabbed it the next day.

Inside was the complete team set including a red parallel of Zack Wheeler


  1. You would think in today's world, that would only happen on purpose.

  2. Your mission is now to get Cutch to specially autograph that card as "Anrew"...that would be funny!

  3. i've seen lots of these sorts of errors. just super lazy and topps should be embarrassed. i am waiting to see if they make a name spelling correction on another card - i kinda hope they don't, but we will see.

  4. That's just insane. I mean, it shouldn't happen with ANY player, but a veteran star with a common first name? And it's not as though "Anrew" spells anything. Topps needs to do better.