Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Oh what a Wookie...

Celebrities wear Star Wars and hang out with Star Wars characters.
Wow! Lookie lookie at what's next to the wookie
Alex Gervasi

Megan Fox has been known to support Star Wars too

She also seems to be a fan of R2D2
Kristen Wiig

She wore a Darth Vader inspired dress in 2009

Emma Stone

She wore her hair in Princess Leia buns while wearing a Yoda shirt for a Stand Up To Cancer event.

Reese Witherspoon
And of course there have been many actresses who have dressed up as Slave Leia for fantasy scenes in movies, tv shows, and photoshoots.

Celebrities like
Jennifer Aniston

Kim Kardashian
Kelly Brook

America's Top Model, Adrienne Curry

But my favorite celebrity crush to support Star Wars is Kristen Bell
Not only is she insanely adorable, she also starred in a movie called Fanboys that is literally about Star Wars fans.  Most girls look great dressed as Princess Leia, but Bell wins my heart over with the way she can wear a Wookie on her chest.
Slave Leia tho....

Even as a brunette, wow!

Star Wars day is every May the 4th which in the UK is written as 4/5, the place where Jediism become an official religion.

Here is my favorite 4/5 card I have picked up in the past year since my last 4/5 entry on Star Wars day.
That is a 2012 Topps Museum Black Frame Silver Signature autograph.  It is one of my favorite autograph cards in the collection.  


  1. Incredible post! Great looking card.

  2. Detroit girl Kristen Bell!

    Good Job!

  3. Meeting a woman who loves collecting cards would be pretty darn cool. Meeting a woman who loves collecting cards and watching Star Wars movies would be the coolest.

  4. I couldn't be less interested in Star Wars, but this post made me appreciate the brand very much.

  5. Great post and ladies. Fun seeing how Star Wars fandoms has no boundaries. Alex Gervasi is probably my favorite here but Kristen Bell is right there.