Thursday, May 27, 2021

#TBT: The Final Thoughts?

For the past couple weeks I have shown off some of the Throwback Thursday sets that Andrew McCutchen appeared in.  In the three sets he appeared in, only one was a set that wasn't originally a baseball design.  

My thoughts on Topps reusing past designs have been discussed many times before.  I would love to add a Cutch card to my collection for each year from 1952-2021.  Topps has botched this opportunity as they continue to repeat Cutch many times over for some designs and not using him in others. 

My favorite of the three cards Cutch appeared in for the 2016 #TBT online exclusive set is the 1957 football design featuring Andrew McCutchen and Roberto Clemente.
The set that preceded this football design theme was 90210 (Topps would use it again a year later).
The set that followed the 1957 Football design was 1982 Topps (a design Cutch still hasn't been represented in)
That #TBT set only features Cal Ripken Jr. and looks at his career using the 1982 Highlights design.

There are so many fun nonsports Topps designs over the years.  I've already discussed my ideas for using the Dick Tracy Wanted stickers and 1990 TMNT movie cards for future #TBT card designs. 

How about the 1991 Addams Family?
Release it around Halloween and have it feature players wearing masks in the clubhouse or on field.
You could even go with players dressing up for themed road trips
I know I would find a Giancarlo Stanton as a pharaoh a fun card to add to my collection.
It could join this 2019 Topps Update Cole Tucker SP photo variant.


  1. Your collection is so awesome. I'm going to have nightmares, now, however, because of that Cole Tucker card.

  2. I liked the baseball on the old football designs. That was pretty cool.

    1. My favorite TBT set was when they used the 1971-72 basketball design. I'm on the hunt for the Vida Blue from that set.

  3. I'm all in on a throwback Matt Boyd card, but not holding my breath.

    Good Job. 👌