Friday, March 29, 2019

Cardboard Cameos: Thhhheeee Yankees Win!

Baseball is back!!!

I am sure that Yankees fans will hear John Sterling's famous Yankees call many many times this year.

This is a cameo card I picked up during the off-season as part of a massive lot of cards I submitted best offers on.

It is, to the best of my knowledge, my only Aaron Hicks card in my collection.  I grabbed it for the Cutch cameo (wearing 26) of course.  The card celebrates Hicks walk off hit that guaranteed the Yankees a Wild Card spot in the 2018 playoffs.

I will have to look at Phillies Topps Now cards all year for Cutch cameos.

On another note, the Pirates blew a 7th inning lead yesterday. 


  1. Meanwhile Cutch hit a dinger for the PA team that actually matters yesterday. It was a beauty.

    1. Okay I might've laid the snark on a little too thick. Point stands though, McCutchen's dinger was a beaut.

    2. He crushed it! As for the only PA team that matters, I bleed black and gold/yellow. That being said there's a 156 games this year that I am rooting for the Phillies because of Cutch and 162 games I am rooting for the Pirates.

  2. Cool card! Don’t remember seeing this one.