Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Orange You Glad I Got More To Post

I have over 2,500 unique Andrew McCutchen cards with another dozen or so on the way.  I have shown off some of my favorite "major mojo" hits in the past containing on card autographs, massive patches, and the like.

However, some of my favorite cards to stumble across are color parallels from before Cutch became a Superstar.

For most collectors, the Superfractor is the most seeked out card because of it's rarity.  What I have noticed though is that the red bowman chrome is almost impossible to find though.  The reason for this I believe is that only 5 exist and often they stay in collections rather than test the secondary market pricing.  Everyone onows that the 1/1 will bring instant big bucks.

Not to be outdone by the other color parallels is the orange bowman chrome, which is also very lowered.

With only 25 copies produced (mine is 9/25) the orange really pops in a collection.

I will continue to show off some more cards of Cutch in a Pirates uniform over the next few days, but don't forget to join my contest from St. Patrick's day.  A piece of Fenway Park's Green Wall is the prize.

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  1. Those Bowman Chrome reds are truly beautiful. I pulled one recently and was pretty stoked. Just getting back to reading blog posts. Look forward to checking out this contest of yours.