Friday, March 22, 2019

Did You Survive The Purge?

For those that aren't familar with the Purge movies, last night to this morning at 7am was the time slot that the Purge movies allow all crime.  I hope this country never does something like that as it completely contradicts my beliefs.

I would like to see our great country fall in love with baseball more.  It is clear that Football is the number one sport.  All the games are meaningful and have implications on the playoff picture.

Baseball is a long season and the games dont seem as meaningful.

That is why I absolutely love the World Baseball Classic every four years.  Meaningful games with a sense of pride for each team.

Andrew McCutchen participated in the 2017 WBC tournament.  He was second on the team with RBI batting predominantly out of the six hole for the tournament.
Juan Rosales has contributed a bunch of 1/1 sketch cards to this blog over the past few years.  The sketch of Cutch taking batting practice in his Team USA gear is one of my favorites, especially with the red and blue background.
Two years ago Team USA defeated Team Puerto Rico 8-0 to capture the Gold Medal.  It marked the first time that Team USA won the tournament.


  1. I too wish more people watched and followed baseball. I'd estimate that less than 20% of my students watch it when the Giants are winning. When they aren't, the number drops way below 10%. Here in the Bay Area, basketball rules the world... with football coming in second. That leaves hockey (Sharks), baseball (Giants & A's), and soccer fighting over the scraps.

  2. As long as there's gambling and fantasy sports (one in the same?), football will continue to be king.

  3. I just like football more because of playing it and what you pointed out. Every game counts. If you watch let's say the Royals, and you win early on then have to suffer through another 100 loss season that's really tough to watch. At least I only had to watch the Giants lose 10 games.

    I also lost interest in baseball when Griffey retired and my favorite Yankees as well. The biggest thing that turned me was the steroids. finding out some of my favorite players did those and cheated, ruined the game for me. I am sure it's in football too,but you don't have to hear about it or know it for sure.

    I also lost inters

  4. As long as there are people who like intelligence in their sports, there will be baseball fans. It's unlike any other sport and I think that's why so many people can't relate to it, they want something familiar and easy to absorb quickly. Too bad. If you have the patience, baseball will reward you so much more than any other sport.