Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hero For a Day

With Ichiro taking his final at bats in his career at the Tokyo Dome today, we are reminded of how historical great he was.  To fans of baseball in Japan and across both sides of the USA from Seattle to New York and down to Miami, he was a hero to those that watched him.

I suspect that my favorite player, Andrew McCutchen, will be remembered in Pittsburgh to a similar stature for the rest of his career, but likely won't be as much of an International star that Ichiro was.

Cutch is a hero to the Pittsburgh and San Francisco communities, but that's about it for now.
This is a unique 5x7 Topps Website exclusive from 2014. 
The back is just plain cardboard

Watch this video about Sean Campbell, a young boy who had a heart monitor put in to regulate his heart before his first bday.
If that didn't make your eyes water, maybe this one will.
Cameron Pittman used the Make-A-Wish Foundation to spend a day with Andrew McCutchen.  After arriving by helicopter, Cutch and Pittman spent the day hanging out.


  1. Cutch is a great guy. I love that 5x7 card. Do you know if it's based off of anything?