Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Missing Piece

2018 saw a large rise of Andrew McCutchen autographs in Topps products.  One such release included Topps Silver Pack 1983 Autographs.

Every player had the same low numbers for Superfractor (1/1), Red (/5), and Orange (/25).

The base numbers were all numbered differently for each player.

Some players like Mark McGwire and Clayton Kershaw actually had less base cards (/10) than the orange (/25).  Rookies and prospects like Brandon Woodruff and Clint Frazier had numbers in the 99 to 199 range for their base autos.

Guys like Javier Baez and Alex Bregman had 50 base printed and former stars like Will Clark and Darryl Strawberry had 99 copies.

Cutch had 30 produced for his sticker auto base.
The image may look familar as I have shown it's rainbow peers on here before.

It pairs with these others nicely.
 Superfractor 1/1
 Red Refractor 2/5
Orange Refractor 12/25

This was the missing piece I needed to complete my very first autograph rainbow of Cutch in a Giants uniform.

I will return to more Pirates programming tomorrow...and it includes a contest.


  1. Congratulations on getting the rainbow. They are all attractive cards.

  2. Great rainbow, he wasn’t with the Giants for even a year and I miss him.

  3. Such a sweet card with the flag in back.

  4. Dang! That is one sweet looking card and then you add colored borders, low numbering, and an autograph and it makes it even better!