Monday, March 25, 2019

The Lesser Of Rares

I love Topps Heritage.
It combines the current stars of today on designs of yesterday.  Of course there are parallels to chase too.

2013 Heritage had black back Venezuelan variants.  I already had the action variant for the black back which I showed off here.

I finally got the action variant with the standard back.  It goes with the action variant black back and base version with base back.
Action Variants have the 003284 code on back.
The base back has a code 003281.


  1. I miss the Heritage variations all the time. I wish there was an easier method than looking at those tiny codes.

  2. I can see how player collectors enjoy the challenge of tracking all of the different variations dow. My only complaint is that the code on the back is way too small for me to read, so I'll never be able to tell the difference between the base card and the variants/short prints, unless it's visually obvious.