Monday, March 18, 2019

I Am Groot

Ever since Fuji left a funny comment about my wooden Gallery parallel a few months back, I have been wanting to show off all my wood parallels.
With news breaking over the weekend that James Gunn will once again take up the reigns of directing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, I could think of no better time to show off my wooden parallels.

I am Groot
Translation: Below is the 2017 Wood Mini from Allen & Ginter

I am Groot
Translation: This is the standard number version numbered 1/1

I am Groot
Translation: Below is the Short Print Rip High Number Exclusive from 2016
I am Groot
Translation: This is the high number from 2016 Allen & Ginter numbered 1/1

I Am Grooooot!
Translation: Below is my 2018 Triple Threads Wood Parallel Autograph Patch

I Am Groot...
Translation: This is one of four versions available.  This particular one is about his NEW HOME in San Francisco where Cutch quickly was clutch in his first homestand leading the Giants to two walk off victories days apart.

On a completely unrelated note, don't forget to join my contest to get the Green Wall relic featuring Yaz from 2004 Topps Tribute. Its a stunning card.

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