Thursday, June 18, 2020

Do You Have Any More Gum For Me?

One of my favorite movies of my youthful early teen days is Billy Madison.

I loved all things Adam Sandler.

I have mentioned a few times about my love for Billy Madison on this blog.

I discussed the cursive Phil Rizzuto line here.
"Rizzuto's not a word.  He's a baseball player"
"Perhaps you'd like to try the word BUZZ?"

And I talked about the complexed egos of shampoo and conditioner here.
"I go on first and make the hair silky and smooth. Shampoo is better. Conditioner is better....stop looking at me swan"

The movie has so many over the top zany moments and unforgettable quotes.  Literally I wish I could come up with a week long post schedule trying to tie in the quotes to my Andrew McCutchen card collection like what I did with Elf last year when counting down to Christmas.  You can revisit those posts here if you forgot about them.

For inspiration of future posts, I will start things off with the closing lines of the impromptu song and dance number that saw a clown get resurrected, Veronica Vaughn asking Billy if she has a nice rack, and closing out with everyone asking

"Do you have any more gum?"

Well one guy who always has gum on his mind is Matthew Lee Rosen.
He has made an art of designing cards to look like they have gum stains in the shape of items associated with that player.

You can visit his page here or find him on Twitter @MatthewLeeRosen

I set up a commission with Matt to do a few Andrew McCutchen gum back cards and they came out unbelievably awesome.
I will show each card in detail in a future post as I have a plan to include these as part of my Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month of posts which I am sure you are all very familar with.
The detail used in creating this "gum stain" creations on the back of vintage style cards is truly incredible.

Please check out Matthew's site.  He has a few of the Simpsons character cards from the famous Homer At The Bat episode.

Some of his other cards that are available are this Ryne Sandberg 1986 card with Save Ferris on the back an obvious reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off which came out in 1986 and saw the lead character head to Wrigley Field while skipping school.

Once again, check out his Gum Art

If you set up a commission or buy one of his originals he's already created, let him know that Brian of Collecting Cutch sent you his way.

What are some of your favorite Billy Madison quotes?

What pop culture references would you want to see on the back of a baseball card?


  1. It'd be cool to see the Beastie Boys mentioned on a Rod Carew (Sure Shot) or Sadaharu Oh (Hey Ladies) card, since they mentioned them in songs.

  2. Very cool. I would have to go with "It's another one of those flaming bags again! Don't tell me my business, devil woman!" Such a great movie.