Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Let the kids play 2.0

MLB continues to lose fans with each day that the owners and Players Association can't come to an agreement.  The MLBPAA has begun to use the #WhenAndWhere hashtag.

The players want to play.
6 owners have said they,would rather not have a season due to costs of the business.  In order to move forward a vote of 22.5 (essentially 23) would need to be for the proposal of the players union.

Little league teams across America are trying to salvage a season and yet the professional teams can't come to an agreement.

C'mon baseball.
I miss you.

Bring baseball back.

"Do it for the kids"
This is my 2012 Sports Illustrated For Kids card from I believe the July issue.


  1. Big fan of SI for Kids cards. Glad Cutch was given one!

  2. Even worse, had a friend tell me that they had bought Yankee tickets way back when for a game that was scheduled to be played last week and that the Yankees won't even refund them their money. That's inexcusable to me.

  3. There's a cool website that has a checklist of SI for Kids cards. It lists your Cutch as coming from the August 2012 issue.