Monday, June 8, 2020

The New Order!

You may be thinking that the title of this post may have ties to what is going on in the world.

It doesn't. 
I will not get into politics on this blog. 

Instead it is the first thing I thought of when I was grabbing some cards to scan in. 

Nothing but blue cards.

On a Monday.

You could say it's a Blue Monday.

Tell me, how does it feel...

To treat me like you do...

A few of these cards I have written about wanting for a long time.

I wrote about the 2018 Bowman Holiday Blue card here.  It was a key want card when I redid my Wanted List last December.

And I have recently written several posts showing off the 2019 Austin Barnes card which features a Cutch cameo here.  I now have the Father's Day Blue to go with the mini blue I showed off less than 2 weeks ago.

And I just mentioned a few days ago about needing to up my Charlie Morton game in 2020.

And on Saturday I showed my Gold Medal blue parallel I needed to complete the rainbow excluding 1/1s, pictured below.

I have been getting a lot of blue parallels in the mail between my COMC shipment from April and some recent eBay purchases.  I also have gotten 3 new pink cards to show for October.


  1. I'm a huge New Order fan, and I was not expecting a Blue Monday reference. Also a fan of those blue parallels.

  2. I kind of got a hankering for yellow cards coming on.

  3. I love New Order. I was going to use one of their songs (ceremony) in the post I wrote earlier, but while writing the post... the topic shifted from graduation to lunch box treats.

  4. Tremendous song. I still have the 12-inch single.

  5. Those Gold Labels look amazing next to each other.

  6. more of a 'low-life' era new order fan here, but that album title wouldn't work with this (or any cutch) post!

  7. Thank you for New Ordering me. That felt good.