Saturday, June 20, 2020

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Growing up I watched a lot of cartoons.  Cartoons eventually got me into comic books and I remember the first comic book I ever bought had Gambit on it.  Gambit was my favorite of the X-Men because of his cool powers and quick wit.

Oddly enough though, my favorite episode of the Fox Kids X-Men cartoon didn't feature Gambit at all.  It introduced viewers to a government sponsored group of mutants called X-Factor. 

X-Factor 100 was the second comic book I ever bought and it was because it had a shiny foil cover with Havoc holding a lifeless Madrox, the Multiple Man. 

Many other things would happen over the course of comics including the X-books, but I always remember the excitement I had when I grabbed those newsstand copies that featured some of my favorite comic characters. 

Cold Comfort remains my favorite go to episode of any cartoon (X-Men or other) and I just got done watching it on Disney+ a few moments ago.

Whenever it gets into the summer I always quote the first line of the episode "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" half a dozen a times.

In addition to introducing the viewers to X-Factor, the episode also introduced us to Bobby Drake aka Iceman.

For hoping for some cooler temperatures in the coming days, I am going to show some Ice parallels from Bowman Platinum.

2016, 2017
2018, 2019

Are there any cartoons you remember watching as a kid that you still enjoy watching as an adult?


  1. I haven't watched it in years... but I could easily watch Robotech The Macross Saga again as an adult. I also plan on watching the X-Men cartoons on Disney Plus... after I'm done watching Star Trek TNG on Netflix.

    1. Robotech was phenomenal. I didn't watch it as a kid, but discovered it in my early 20s and watched the entire Macross Saga. Incredible show!

  2. Always enjoyed road runner vs coyote!

  3. I'd easily watch any of the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons (e.g., What's Opera Doc?, Bunny Hugged, Rabbit of Seville, Baseball Bugs). Tex Avery did some hilarious cartoons back then, too. I think I'd also watch a few episodes of The Transformers for old times' sake.