Monday, June 22, 2020

Hunting for more good racks

The picture below might lead you to believe it is October as everyone knows what I do for that month.

All pink cards.
All month long to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

So is it already October?
Nope.  Not yet.  That is still a few months away.
Instead I am using the image above of the beautiful Olivia Taylor Dudley filtered to look like a deer to formerly announce:


Back in my early days of collecting I could get what was called a rack pack that featured at least one player picture on the front of the clear packaging so you knew what was inside.

Today, everything is factory sealed and the knowledge of knowing what players you are getting inside are tough to find.

Occasionally you will get retail exclusive parallels found for sets like Gypsy Queen or Allen & Ginter.

You may even get some promotional giveaways that are sealed with only 1 card showing on the top.

Much like the collectors of the 80s looking for sealed packs of their favorite stars showing I am looking for these kinds of packs that show off Andrew McCutchen on the front.
I had to do a lot of mangling of the cards to try and figure out who else may be in this pack as it is very tightly sealed.

The pack is a Topps giveaway for National Baseball Card Day in 2016.  It looks like Felix Hernandez was the card behind Cutch.

Do you go hunting for any sealed products that show a favorite player of yours on the outside?

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  1. I love a good rack (pack). Here are a few I own:

  2. I don't! I've seen some packs for sale with Tino on the front (early 90s stuff), but never snagged one.

  3. I had bought a rack pack of 1989 Topps with Randy Johnson's rookie card showing on the front. My intention was to capitalize on his eventual Hall of Fame induction and sell it then. I never did.

  4. I probably cherry-picked rack packs and cellos as a kid, but I haven't searched for any sealed packs with a PC player showing since 1991 or so.