Friday, June 19, 2020

He Draws Baseball Cards

If you like baseball cards (and I'm sure you do) you should be following  @mosley_mark on Twitter

He goes by I Draw Baseball Cards and he shows off some really fun cards almost daily.

I recently got in a pair of cards that Mark drew for me.

The one where Cutch is reading a Black Panther comic is an original design obviously.  Cutch is a big Black Panther fan as evidenced by his Instagram post stating he found vibranium to make his knee heal and was seen wearing a Black Panther mask inside the Giants dugout.

The 2014 Design is based on the 2014 Topps Chrome photo variant (which sells in excess of $80 by the way).

I put it side by side with the original.

The back of each card has Mark's signature along with a stamp and original marking.

How fun is that?

Thank you Mark for selling these originals to me.  They are awesome!!!

Any wannabe artists out there want to tackle drawing my favorite base card of all time?

Send me an original hand drawn card size pocture of McCutchen's 2005 Update Draft Pick card and I will reward you with goodies.  Digital printouts of something you do on Photoshop type platforms are also accepted.  Keep the cards to the standard baseball card size though. 


  1. Wow. Those are some awesome art cards. You should reach out to The Lost Collector. AJ drew a custom Kurt Suzuki for my collection and it turned out awesome.

  2. It'll be interesting to see if you get any takers on your offer.