Sunday, July 19, 2020

A few small additions

Back before the 4th of July and before the Cutch SP Frenzy and even before Memorial Day I purchased

Not 1

Not 2

Not 3

But 4

new additions to my Cutch PC and they all consisted of Allen & Ginter mini cards.

4 Small Additions that look standard on the front, but flip them over and you see the true awesomeness of these additions.

From left to right the new additions include
2010 Extended Number SP Photo Variant
2010 No Number
2015 Extended Number SP Photo Variant
2011 Bazooka Back numbered 23/25


  1. Nice. I've been on an A&G mini kick lately myself... but mine are of the low-end variety. Had no idea there were things like extended number sp's and no number variations.

  2. I'd collect more of these minis if I had a way to store them. Also I got so used to seeing "classic" games on MLB Network that when they aired Pirates-Indians over the weekend I immediately started thinking about what milestone or memorable thing might have happened between those two teams.. until I noticed it was live!