Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Bloggers Blessings

I wanted to take a moment and thank some of the bloggers

Up first is Daniel from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.  Daniel sent me a PWE of 2 cards and 1 coin he had set aside for me for a long time.
He also sent me the 2016 Heritage Pirates card that shows a celebration between Cutch, Josh Harrison, and Aramis Ramirez.  I just had a conversation with my brother about how good that 2015 team was and if there was ever a need to push the chips all in at the deadline it was that summer.  A pitching staff of AJ Burnett, Gerrit Cole, Francisco Liriano, Charlie Morton, and JA Happ should have gotten more than 9 innings in the post season.  Unfortunately they (again in the Wild Card) ran into someone who was pitching at elite level when they faced Jake Arrieta and his sub 1.00 second half ERA.  The previous year they ran into 2014 Madison Bumgarner.

Next Up is Johnny from (one of his hundreds of new blogs) Johnny's Trading Spot.  Johnny sent me this Honus Bonus Andrew McCutchen in exchange for a trio of Braves cards I had for him (2 Freddie Freeman 1/1s from Honus Bonus and a 5x7 John Smoltz Gold/10).  Unfortunately, Johnny's postmaster never put the package in his mailbox, but marked it as delivered.  Evidently this is an ongoing issue with his address so next time I am going to have send him something big and make sure it's marked as signature confirmation.
Thank you for this card Johnny.  It's odd that it features Kyle Lohse as I also have career Home Run #110 which was hit off of Lohse.  In his career Cutch hit 3HR off Lohse so I will need to find the other to complete the Lohse rainbow. Lol!

Finally we have Marc from Remember The Astrodome who sent me over some much needed Clemente and Cutch cards.

With the orange parallel I now have the complete rainbow from Big League Baseball.  More details about the Clementes will be available soon on my Roberto Clemente centric blog, Chasing 3000.
Thank you Marc for these awesome cards!


  1. It usually happens, when the regular carrier is off, and a sub is driving the route. The address is Georgia Ave, but the mailbox is actually on Park ave, next to the driveway. What is really sad, is that here they do not use GPS to verify when they scan a package.
    To make matters worse, no one ever brings it to us.

  2. Nice pickups! Love the orange border Cutch.

  3. Dang. Two 1/1's and a Smoltz #'d to 10 was either stolen or is lost in the mail? That stinks. I know it was marked delivered... but maybe it's a mistake and will eventually arrive.

  4. I still have some stuff to send you as well. That bettis is one of the cards. When you start to super collect him, let me know

  5. Good cards. I like the Diamond Kings design for sure.