Tuesday, July 28, 2020

You're The Best Superfractor

When it comes to chrome cards, very rarely is there any parallels better than a Superfractor.  This 2017 Bowman Best Superfractor is no exception.

I missed putting up a post yesterday showing off a Bowman Best 1/1 so I don't think Mister Miyagi would be very proud of me.  This was a failed week of posts and it's only Tuesday.  Although technically I posted 2 one of ones on Sunday so I'm still on pace.  I'll have to see how the judges rule it...

Time to get amped up for the rest of the week...


  1. Judge Judy would give you an A. The only reason it's not an A+ is that Cutch isn't a Brave. :)

  2. You're the best... around. Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!