Sunday, July 5, 2020

Cutch SP Challenge Day 2

I got some more packages in the mail Friday and they all relate to the 2020 SP Frenzy Challenge.
I said I wouldn't go after the SP and pay $275 for one card that on average could be available 1 in every 7 packs.


Not gonna do it!

I did grab a foilboard parallel from 2020 Big League release though.

It cost me $3.25
Did you know that only 100 of these Foilboard cards exist? Only 3 have sold.

Did you know that there is likely 2,000+ of the McCutchen SP out there?  87 have already sold on eBay
Which one should have the ridiculous premium attached to it?

I also grabbed the 2020 Topps Finest Bryan Reynolds "The Man" insert.  This insert card has a nice layer of pink which I think could come in handy for October.

It has an Andrew McCutchen cameo on the back. only cost $2.65 shipped.

I also snagged another 2020 parallel I needed.

This is the gold parallel numbered to 2,020 copies (similar print run as the SP everyone is chasing)
This card cost me only $1.99

Yesterday's mail day cost only $7.89.  I feel like I got better value out of these cards than the father's day and vintage stock from Wednesday.

That brings the total to $44.89 for these 5 cards.  Not great, but the two best cards will really bring the prices down for the wntire project.


  1. You're getting some great cards for your collection! And you raise very good points about the pricing. I hope to see the prices drop precipitously too because I'd love to own one.

  2. Man, that BL foil is a great deal. I love the Finest The Man cards. Waiting to pick up the Gleyber from this set.

  3. Looks like they're now selling for under $100. By next week... maybe they'll be less than $50. The week after that? $25? Should be entertaining to track.