Saturday, July 18, 2020

Finally a $2 card shows up

The 2020 Cutch SP Frenzy is finally consistently under the triple digit mark.  Coincidently the last card I purchased during that frenzy has arrived. 

It took 2 weeks for this card to show up.
It is the 2019 All-Star Game Foil Stamp parallel.

It only cost me $1.98 delivered so it doesn't bother me too much for the slow processing.  Keep in mind all cards purchased from COMC haven't shipped yet.

I will recap everything in a future post along with some of the other items I purchased that weren't card related.

You can revisit all the other items I purchased during the weekend of the frenzy here.

If you aren't familar with my 2020 SP Frenzy Challenge I took the funds available that could have been spent on buying the 2020 SP Cutch "swag" photo variant and instead used it to buy items I needed for my Cutch collection.  The real challenge was I could only buy cards at the height of the SP Frenzy when they were going for $200-$300 regularly.  This all occurred between the evening of June 27th to the morning of June 30th.  Roughly 48 hours was the stretch of this card going for on average $250.  A lot of the purchases were made via eBay, but there were also half a dozen purchases made on COMC.


  1. Last time I played around on COMC and looked into shipping my inventory they estimated early October. I wonder if it's now pushed back into November.

    1. If I had entered a shipping request right now, 10/25 is the estimated date.

  2. This is a fun chase! Hopefully you will be able to land the swag at a much cheaper rate