Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July

I got quite a few packages in the mail yesterday, but unfortunately I am going to interrupt the Cutch SP Frenzy Challenge to show off one of the coolest On Card Autograph Patches I have in my collection.

It's America's Birthday so let's celebrate!
That is a 2019 Topps Tier 1 Prodigious Patches on card autograph of Cutch.

It is numbered to only 5 copies.
It features a game worn patch from the 4th of July game between the Giants and Rockies in 2018.

The Rockies and Giants were having a pitching duel and Rockies pitchers held the Giants to only 2 hits through 8 innings and only 2 walks during that time as well (one was McCutchen).  With the Rox winning 1-0 and with two outs in the top of the 9th up stepped McCutchen to rope a single and keep the game alive for Giants fans.
 Buster Posey then walked advancing Cutch to second base (I couldn't find any images of Posey's 9th inning at bat on Getty Images)
Ultimately Brandon Belt lined out to right field ending the game and pushing the Giants and Rockies into a virtual tie for second place in the division on the main summer holiday.

I have a few other jersey patches that show off pieces of this jersey, but this one is by far the biggest of them.  I like that you can see the grey away jersey along with the massive patch of Americana.

What kind of cards do you have in your collection that celebrate America's Birthday?

Any USA Cards, cards with 4th of July uniforms, any cards with big American Flags on them?  Show them off and leave a link to it in the comment section below.


  1. Gorgeous card. As for your question... check out my post later today and you'll see some flags. Happy 4th of July!

  2. Fantastic card!

    I think the most patriot card(s) in my collection are the 1985 Topps Team USA cards. I guess they did that for 1989, too, right? Then, those are in my collection as well. Otherwise, I think I'd generally consider any baseball card to be quintessentially "American" by nature and in spirit.